Internet, are you there?

I do not know what is out there. I am not a specialist in writing, blogs nor books. Not even in social media. For now, I am writing because I find it fun. English is not even my native language, but I have adopted it over the years. I’ve read somewhere that when speaking a different language you also change your personality. Having this in mind, English makes me more open to change, helps me share and have more fun.

Ever since I was young I had this small part of me that was artistic. I let it die with my dreams of becoming an archaeologist, a detective or any kind of job that relates to uncover man’s mysteries. I recently rediscovered that part. I am now travelling much more outside the borders of my countries, and every time I leave the biggest buff I get is from observing other cultures.

This is what it’s about: the others.

I was exhibiting in a fair in Munich last year. The small amount of time I had for myself consisted in 6 hours of sleep, as my boss happily set meetings at the end of the day with potential clients. So basically my days there consisted in work and work over dinner.

The time spent outside Messe and restaurants was short, but I still had some time to snap some shots.


The walking man. Some find it interesting, some find it ugly, but I find it odd. I was heading to a restaurant when I turned the corner and was  surprised by this 17 m high statue and it’s bottom. I was impressed. Funny and odd, just the combination I like.

More, in the posts to come.

My cat saltues you!


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