Moving on

Here I am: Friday night, my cat is walking from window to widow to check out the wind blasted trees and my boyfriend hooked up to his phone watching some new whole season release of a series named “something cards” (moving on the kitchen-bathroom-living room route without pausing or missing a scene is a big win).

Listening to the black humor dialogues coming from the phone’s speakers I remembered about another recent trip: Merry Cemetery of Sapanta village, Romania. Check it out!


On each tombstone there are lyrics accompanied by a suggesting picture describing the life of the deceased. They tell a story about the job, the most outstanding trate, children or the way they died. Many of them are somewhat funny, or so I’ve heard from others. I looked for them, but I could not find anything remotely funny written, just some bright colors.

While searching for that funny little poem, I stumbled across something interesting:

c Poezia soldatului

His life story sounded something like this:


“Over here, I am mentioned too
And Pop Ion is my name
I did not have a long life
Because I left into battle
And it ended my life
Near the Ural Mountains
When the war has ended
I ended up in a death camp
In Russia I was buried
In the forest, near a tree
Where I was executed
In my country I did not come back.
I left my life on earth
At 42 years, 1946”

Another story that impressed me was about an intellectual man who was persecuted during the communism era of Romania. His tombstone related about multiple staged criminal charges that were brought to him. He ended up in prison where he died.

I also remember a picture from a woman’s grave: it showed her under a car. A blue car to be exact. I must confess, I found this amusing. Her family chose to picture her under the car. Brilliant.

But do not take my word for it, and see for yourself!

My cat salutes you!


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